Incident Management & Investigation

There is a moral and financial obligation to investigate an accident, injury, incident or ill health in the workplace, to ascertain cause, effect and the lessons that can be learnt to mitigate a repeat of the occurrence and a legal obligation to report such incidents that fall under the criteria of RIDDOR 2013.  A robust Policy & Procedure must exist for contacting a senior person within the organisation and the companies solicitor in the first instance.

Raydar Safety Ltd will carry out a thorough and independent investigation and produce an unbiased report based on the facts; on dissemination of the findings and critical analysis of the evidence, we will draw our conclusions and make recommendations which are replicable and logical and present them in a final investigation report to our Client.

  • Reduce Exposure to Liability
  • Carry out Incident Investigation which will support the management of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Audit after the event.
  • Invoke Legal Professional Privilege
  • Internally – learn lessons and secondary, factual summary of the findings.
  • Control of information.

Risk to the health and safety of an organisation and its employees could be (a) Pressure on contractors (b) Staff cuts (c) Cost cutting at the expense of safety (d) Recession (e) Pressure from external sources such as competitors or those in control of budgets (f) Unqualified persons and misunderstanding.

Managing the media after a crisis
  • Control or ban Social Media output and have robust Policy on this sensitive issue as everyone with a mobile device is potentially a journalist.
  • Who have journalists been talking to?
  • Think like a journalist!
  • Show Regret (this is not an admission of guilt), explain that you will investigate the Reason for the incident and finally demonstrate that you are actively working on a Remedy for the occurrence, to ensure that it does not happen again.
  • People first – property second – money last.
  • Focus on your feelings.
  • What is the risk to employees and managerial reputation?
  • How are you going to cope with the scale of response?
  • Give support for those people manning the phones.
  • Be proactive with information.
  • Co-ordinate messages across locations.
  • Manage stress and bereavement – counselling.
  • Someone has to ring the family; who is that going to be?
  • Communicate with the family and workforce –  don’t bury your head.
  • Strong negative connotation against company name.
  • Long term association with incident.
  • ‘No publicity is bad publicity’ does not apply to fatal accidents.
  • Hate mail.
  • Someone to blame.
  • Reputation and recovery.
Remember; everyone in the organisation will be affected.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013

Sentencing Council – Definitive Guideline 1st February 2016

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Public Interest Disclosure

Sources of investigations into accidents and incidents

Health & Safety Executive

Rail Accident Investigation Branch

Air Accident Investiagtion Branch

The Aviation Herald

Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Confiidential Reporting on Structural Safety

Confidential Reporting for Transport

HSE Concerns Form

HSE takes all health and safety concerns seriously. HSE will use the information you provide to assess your concern, to help us please provide as much information as you can.

NICEIC Consumer Complaints

We have been assessing the technical competence of contractors for over 50 years and we take our assessment procedures very seriously. Our aim is to ensure installation work is done to the highest industry standards by reputable contractors. The confidence we have in our assessment procedures and our registered contractors led to the introduction of the Platinum Promise.

Gas Safe Register – Complaints and Reporting Illegal Gas Workers

We are happy to investigate any gas safety complaints you may have about work carried out by a registered engineer, be it at your property or another address.  Likewise, if you’re aware that someone is carrying out gas work outside of registration, you can report the matter to us and we will look to investigate.